Name of Faculty: BRIJ MOHAN SHARMA
Semester/Year: 1st Year
Subject/Code: PHARMACEUITCS-I (2111)
Lesson Plan Duration: 39 Weeks (August 2017 to April-2018)
Work Load (Lectute/Practical) per week (in Hours):  
Lecture Day Topic (Including assignment /Test) Practical Day  
1st 1st Dosage form 1st Preparation of Chloroform water  
2nd Introduction to Dosage form  
3rd Classification of dosage form  
2nd 1st Relative applications of dosage form 2nd Preparation of Camphor water
2nd Famillarision with new drug delivery system
3rd Revision
3rd 1st Pharmacopoeia introduction 3rd Preparation of pippermint water
2nd Special refence to indian Pharmacopoeia
3rd Content of Phamacopoeia
4th 1st System of weights and measurement 4th Preparation of cresol soap solution
2nd Calculations including conversion
3rd Percentage calculation
5th 1st Aligation Method 5th Preparation of aqueous iodine solution
2nd Isotonic Solutions
3rd Packaging of Pharmaceuticals
6th 1st Desirable features of Containers 6th Preparation of weak iodine solution
2nd Types of contatiners
3rd Study of Glass and Plastic containers
7th 1st Materials for containers 7th Preparation of compound sodium chloride solution
2nd Material for closers
3rd Marits and demerits of closers
8th 1st Objectives of size reduction 8th To prepare peppermint spirit.
2nd methods of size reduction
3rd Study of Hammer mill
9th 1st Fluid energy mill 9th Revision
2nd Disintigrator
3rd Ball Mill
10th 1st Revision 10th Study of size reduction
2nd Revision
3rd Revision
11th   1st sessional exam 11th 1st sessional exam
12th 1st Size separation methods 12th To prepare and supply catechu  tincture I.P. 
2nd Official standards for powders
3rd Sedimentaion method of size sepration
13th 1st Liquid mixing, powder mixing 13th To prepare and supply compound benzion tincture 
2nd silversion mixer and planetary mixer
3rd Mixing of semi solids
14th 1st colloidal mill and homogeniser 14th To prepare and supply vasaka liquid extract
2nd double cone mixer
3rd Revision
15th 1st filteration factor affecting filteration  15th Revision
2nd Filter midia
3rd Filter aids
16th 1st Filteration equipment 16th To prepare and supply vanishing cream I.P. 
2nd filter press
3rd Cintered glass filer
17th 1st Study of percolation 17th Revision
2nd Meceration
3rd Continious hot extraction
18th 1st Introduction to ayurvedic dosage form 18th To Prepare cold cream
2nd Tinctures and paks 
3rd evaporation and factors affecting evaporation
19th 1st Evaporating still 19th Revision
2nd Evaporating Pan
3rd Revision
20th 1st Simple distilation 20th To prepare Calamine lotion I.P.
2nd Fractional Distilation
3rd Vacum Still
21st 1st Water for injection IP 21st Revision
2nd Constuction and working of Distilation still
3rd Revision
22nd 1st steam distillation, destructive distillation 22nd To prepare clear shampoo I.P.
2nd vacum distillation
3rd Revision
23rd   Winter vacations 23rd Winter vacations
24th 1st Evaporators 24th To prepare tooth powder
2nd Pan and evaporating still
3rd Revision
25th   2nd sessional exam 25th 2nd sessional exam
26th 1st Study of tray dryer 26th To prepare 5 capsules of liquid parafin I.P.
2nd Fluidised bed dryer
3rd Vacum Dryer
27th 1st sterilization and its types 27th To prepare 5 capsules of Magnisium oxide I.P
2nd Concept of sterilisation
3rd detail study of moist heat sterlisation
28th 1st Dry heat sterlisation 28th Revision
2nd Sterilisation by filteration
3rd Gaseous Sterilisation
29th 1st Hot air oven 29th To prepare 10 capsules of Sodium bicarbonate
2nd Revision
3rd Aseptic techniques
30th 1st Apllication ofsterlisation 30th To prepare 20 tablets of paracetamol I.P
2nd Sterlisation used for surgical dressings
3rd Sterlisation used for IV fluids
31st 1st Safe handling of sterlisation equipment 31st Evaluation of Tablet as per I.P
2nd Laminar Air flow
3rd UV Lamp
32nd 1st Revision 32nd To prepare Boric Acid I.P
2nd Tablets 
3rd Types of tables
33rd 1st Production of tablet 33rd Preparation of water for injection
2nd Evaluation of Tablet
3rd Disintigration 
34th 1st Sugar Coating 34th Prepartion of 5 ampoule of sodium chloride
2nd Film coating
3rd Enteric coating
35th 1st Capsules hard and soft 35th Prepartion of dextrose I.P ampoule
2nd Vaccines and Toxoids
3rd Revision
36th   3rd sessional exam 36th 3rd sessional exam
37th 1st Revision 37th Revision
2nd Revision
3rd Revision
38th 1st Revision 38th Revision
2nd Revision
3rd Revision
39th 1st Revision 39th Revision
2nd Revision
3rd Revision