Semester/Year: 1st Year
Lesson Plan Duration: 39 Weeks (August 2017 to April-2018)
Work Load (Lectute/Practical) per week (in Hours):  
Lecture Day Topic (Including assignment /Test) Practical Day  
1st 1st Introduction To HAP 1st introduction to HAP lab. And work
2nd SCOP of anatomy, physiology
3rd term use in anatomy
2nd 1st cell structure 2nd to study collect blood sample by pricking method
2nd classification of cell
3rd revision
3rd 1st cell function 3rd Bleeding time of own blood
2nd organelles of cytoplasm
3rd mitosis, meosis 
4th 1st tissue define, epithelial tissue 4th Clotting or coagulation time of blood
2nd muscular tissue classificatoion  
3rd revision  
5th 1st connective tissue classificatoion 5th Blood group of own bllood sample
2nd nervous tissue classificatoion  
3rd explan glands  
6th 1st blood composition, function 6th Haemoglobin content and oxygen caring capacity of own blood
2nd clotting, blood group  
3rd disorder of clotting  
7th 1st disorder of blood 7th Total WBC count of blood
2nd disorder of RBC, WBC  
3rd revision  
8th 1st skeletal system function 8th revision
2nd classification of bones- skull  
3rd upper limb bones  
9th 1st lower limb bones 9th revision
2nd bones of trunk  
3rd revision  
10th 1st disorder blood 10th revision
2nd revision  
3rd revision  
11th 1st Sessional Exams  11th
12th 1st joint of the skeleton- types 12th Total Leucocyte or RBC count of own blood
2nd revision  
3rd revision  
13th 1st joint functions  13th to study different leukocyte count of blood
2nd revision  
3rd revision  
14th 1st  joint disorder 14th Study of ESR by windrops method 
2nd joint of upper limb and lower limb  
3rd revision  
15th 1st WBC function with diagram 15th to study microscopic of human tissue
2nd RBC function with diagram  
3rd revision  
16th 1st lymphatic system composition, functoion 16th to record radial pulse rare
2nd formation of lymph 
3rd lymph node, spleen
17th 1st Heart structure, function  17th to record heart rate 
2nd blood circulation heart
3rd arterial and venous system
18th 1st artery and veins different 18th to record body temprature
2nd ECG, cardiac cycle  
3rd disorder of heart, blood vessels  
19th 1st Urinary system parts explan  19th determine BP of subject and study the effects of Posture and exercise
2nd function , structure of kidny  
3rd  revision  
20th 1st position of kidney 20th revision
2nd physiology of urine  
3rd disorder of urinary system  
21st 1st respiratory system functions,  21st revision
2nd parts respiratory system  
3rd Mechanism of respiratory system with disorder  
22nd 1st skeletal muscles structure 22nd revision
2nd physiology of muscle  
3rd function of muscles  
23rd   Winter Vacations 23rd
24th 1st revision 24th Study of urinary sytem with model
2nd revision  
3rd revision  
25th   2nd Sessional Exam(tentative) 25th
26th 1st assesory organs of digestion of liver 26th study of anatomy & Phisiology of skin
2nd glall blader, digestion by pancrease and basal metabolism  
3rd revision  
27th 1st CNS- brain it parts 27th To study CNS with model
2nd reflex action with function 
3rd anatomy physiology of ANS
28th 1st Endocrine system glands, hormones, system, pitutary glands, thyroid gland functin and disorders 28th study male reproductive syatem by charts
2nd Parathyroid gland, adernal gland function and its relating disorders  
3rd pancerase, gonads, thymus, pineal gland function and disorders  
29th 1st revision 29th study female reproductive system by charts
2nd Reproductive system, male reproducting system its organs  
3rd female genetial organs, external and internal genetial organs  
30th 1st revision 30th study of anatomy & Phisiology of ear
2nd puberty in female, ovulation  
3rd menstrul cycle, intro, process of reproduction  
31st 1st determination of sex, male child and female child 31st study of anatomy & Phisiology of eye
2nd revision  
3rd devlopment of fetous  
32nd 1st structure and function of eye 32nd Study of various organs by slide permanent
2nd structure and function of  skin   
3rd revision  
33rd 1st structure and function of ear 33rd Study of respiratory sytem with model
2nd revision  
3rd revision  
34th 1st liver study 34th Study of digestive sytem with model
2nd Revision  
3rd Revision  
35th 1st Revision 35th revision
2nd Revision
3rd Revision
36th   3rd Sessional exams(tentative) 36th  
37th 1st Revision 37th revision
2nd Revision
3rd Revision
38th 1st Revision 38th revision
2nd Revision
3rd Revision
39th 1st Revision 39th revision
2nd Revision
3rd Revision