Message from the President

The world is as you make it or think. Only the right thinking minds can lead and guide the society correctly. The world in always in need of such awakened souls. A man must have right perspective of life and he should make better use of all the inventions and materialistic developments. The mission of life is to perform a great and noble role with all resources available at hand.

“Planting is not enough Nurse it to become a tree”

Mr. Vinod Nagar
Message from the Director - Principal

Interest, love and enthusiasm are essential to all kinds of work. Without these no real success in any direction is possible. But they are especially important for teaching in which there is so much drudgery and where so much patience is called for. It will not be possible for the teacher to encourage, help and inspire his students unless he has enthusiasm for this job.

“Put more men in co-operation and more co-operation in men”

Mrs. Poonam Yadav
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